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76, Nieuwendijk, Amsterdam.

76, Nieuwendijk, Amsterdam. in the present day (Photos March 2018) The bookshop mentioned by Gawin Kirkham in "History and Explanation of the picture "The Broad and The Narrow Way". Mr H. de Hoogh and his bookshop have long since gone. But Sweet Bakery - A thriving bakery now occupys the same address.  

"The purpose of my second visit was to preach the Gospel, which I did by interpretation, and with manifest blessing, having Robert Craig as my fellow-labourer. We were the guests of Mr. H. de Hoogh, a kind bookseller, at 76, Nieuwendijk, Amsterdam. 

Here we arrived on January 31st, 1868. Our host had a Dutch copy of this Picture in his shop window. Next day I saw it for the first time, and was at once attracted by it. Day by day I looked at, and tried to understand its meaning; and I brought a copy to England on my return. Friends to whom it was shown were deeply interested; and soon after, at my request, the Dutch Explanation was translated into English, by Frederick Emmighausen, a young Dutchman, residing in London, and afterwards published."

The photos assisted me in creating the picture below, and ideas how it must have looked when Mr Gawin Kirkham visited. The shop front decoration looks from the Victorian era. I am not sure if they had large shop front glass windows, so I changed to more old style with smaller glass panes.

76, Nieuwendijk, Amsterdam

De Breede en de Smalle Weg - 1867

A Dutch Edition of Charlotte Reihlen's Broad and Narrow Way picture printed in 1867. Corresponds with the date, an example was seen in the window of Mr De Hoogh's bookshop in 1868 as described in Gawin
(Republished and Digital Image Restoration – © Peter N Millward) – With gratitude for source Image -Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht.
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History and Explanation of the picture "The Broad and The Narrow Way

Gawin Kirkham - The Open-Air Evangelist

Gawin Kirkham - The Open-Air Evangelist

Victorian Advertisement for Lecture on the e Broad and the Narrow Way picture

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Picture Dimensions

Picture Dimensions

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