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Victorian Advertisement for Lecture on the e Broad and the Narrow Way picture

Islington Gazette - Monday - February 28 1881

Various newspaper cuttings below relating to the work of Mr Gawin Kirkham (secretary of the Open-Air Mission) and preaching tours with the Broad and Narrow Way picture.

Mr Gawin Kirkham was Secretary of the Open-Air Mission for a number of years in the later half of the 19th Century, and preached from a 9ft x 12 ft copy of this picture in Open Air meetings, Churches and meetings, the length and breadth of the UK, also visiting the United States, the Continent and the Near East.

A selection of newspaper cuttings give many interesting insights of those times.   These news reports help us understand the impact that was taking place during those days which was very significant. The Open-Air Mission had as a membership well over 1,000 at the height of its influence at the time and their numerous outreaches, and tract distribution were carefully logged as can be read in Open-Air Mission annual reports. The work overseas was also very significant. - When we look back we can certainly see how much the world has changed since the days when  Gawin Kirkham first took his "Dutch" picture for lecture tours and open air missions...... But the picture still continues to endure and is popular still ...helping to provoke the curious to investigate further.  Hopefully these pages will stir further interest...

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Newspaper Cutting November 1884


Newspaper Cutting August 1887


Newspaper Cutting October  1887

Newspaper Cutting - Lecture on the Broad and the Narrow way 1887

Newspaper Cutting May 1890

The Islington Gazette reports on Mr Gawin Kirkham's return May1890

Newspaper Cutting September 1890

Newspaper Cutting - Open-Air Mission Sept 1890

Newspaper Cutting


Newspaper Cutting


Newspaper Cutting


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Victorian Broad and Narrow Way picture    

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