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Gawin Kirkham showing John "Rob Roy" Macgregor the picture

Gawin Kirkham shows the picture he brought from Amsterdam to John "Rob Roy" Macgregor founder of the Open-Air Mission. 

76, Nieuwendijk, Amsterdam

Gawin Kirkham sees the Broad and the Narrow Way picture for the first time

Dimensions of the full size picture Gawin Kirkham lectured from

Dimensions of the Full Size Picture Gawin Kirkham lectured from.

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Charlotte Reihlen with a first edition of her picture - Der Breite und der Schmale Weg

Charlotte Reihlen - The Memory of the Just is Blessed

The picture,  a memorial to Mrs Charlotte Reihlen, the designer of Der Breite und der Schmale Weg. Pictured here with a first edition print.  Mrs Reihlen passed away 1868 not knowing what the future held for her work..... In the background the preacher, Gawin Kirkham and his assistant. Mr Kirkham, would later go on to preach many times throughout, the UK, Europe, the Holy Land and in the USA. from larger versions based on her design. Many prints were made and gone to the four corners of the earth. 

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