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 Top: The Broad and Narrow Way - A Gysin

Der breite und schmale weg - A Gysin, Basel.

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The Broad and Narrow Way - (English Translation)

 Der Breite und der Schmale Weg  Litho - Alexander Gysin,  Basel

Digital Image Restoration - © Peter N Millward

(Text below image)  The broad and narrow way, pictured in the words of our Savior Jesus Christ for the serious consideration of mankind at the present time. Mathew. Cp 7 v.13.14”

The print is somewhere around the 1840s  A number of prints by different artists and designers were made during the period depicting the Broad and Narrow Way. This particular design can be seen in similar versions and could be one of the best examples available. Alexander Gysin had great ability in capturing the themes. 

The image seen here represents many hours of digital restoration, and also professional translation into modern German language.

It is an amazing work of art with a very powerful message....And also the litho is of particular interest and importance in that it may well be the "earlier representation" mentioned of by Charlotte Reihlen in the German Explanation of her own design. The influence of this older picture is very intrigueing, and is a window also to help us understand how different the world was back then.  Reading closely the quotes in Charlotte's Explanation and comparing them to those in the foreground of the said litho we discover they are virtually the same texts. While quite a number of similar designs had been made in Europe, they do differ quite alot from each other in content and execution, but the research so far points only to the litho by Alexander Gysin as being the closest match ......Is this the "earlier representation" mentioned by Charlotte Reihlen? or could there be another litho so far unidentified and undiscovered?    This unusual litho is also made available for the benifit all who wish to enjoy and study the picture.   If any visitors know of this litho and other similar ones please contact me as I hope to write a book about them (date 30/09/2019) 

Image Restoration © Peter N Millward

Examples of text translated into English below 

            Der breite und schmale weg - A Gysin, Basel.

Der breite und schmale weg - A Gysin, Basel.

Der breite und schmale weg - A Gysin, Basel.

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Translation 2019 - Gerda Dinwiddie,

Miss Marriott, Mildmay Deaconess. 1880s

© 2019 Peter N Millward
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