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The Broad and Narrow Way
Contemporary and Victorian Editions

Contempory Broad and Narrow Way. 1991 YWAM DTS
The Broad and Narrow Way picture I painted in 1991 while a student with YWAM. Many Christians find it useful to explain the Gospel. The Picture is based on Matthew 7:13 -14 - and it is widely used in Coffee bars, youth clubs, Church Halls and Prison Ministry - it's popular among Christian Students who find it gives them an opportunity to share the Gospel to fellow students - I met a young man who told me he had become a Christian after seeing the picture and was drawn to it, His Christian friend had the opportunity to explain the Gospel and the meaning of the Broad and the Narrow Way.
To find out more about this picture and the ways it can be used, please contact the Artist.
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The Broad and the Narrow Way Booklet
History and explanation of the Victorian version of the picture. Reprinted from the original 30 page booklet , its a fascinating read which inspired the modern version.
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Various newspaper cuttings below relating to the work of Mr Gawin Kirkham (secretary of the Open-Air Mission) and preaching tours with the Broad and Narrow Way picture. Newspaper Cuttings used here are subject to non-commercial purposes, terms and conditions of the British Newspaper Archive (  © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Newspaper Cutting November 1884


Newspaper Cutting August 1887


Newspaper Cutting October  1887

Newspaper Cutting - Lecture on the Broad and the Narrow way 1887

Newspaper Cutting May 1890

The Islington Gazette reports on Mr Gawin Kirkham's return May1890

Newspaper Cutting September 1890

Newspaper Cutting - Open-Air Mission Sept 1890

Newspaper Cutting


Newspaper Cutting


Newspaper Cutting






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