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Newpaper Cutting - Norwich Nov 1884THE EASTERN EVENING NEWS.


THE LECTURE OF THE DUTCH PICTURE.—At the Victoria Hall last evening a crowded audience assembled to hear Mr. G Kirkham (secretary of the Open-Air Mission) deliver his lecture on “The Broad and the Narrow Way," illustrated by a quaint and most remarkable picture which, although described as Dutch, came into Holland from Germany, where it had been designed by an ingenious and religiously minded lady. The Rev. C. W.. Claridge, vicar-designate of St. Thomas, Heigham, presided. The proceedings were opened with prayer, and the reading a portion of Scripture. The picture being 12 ft. high and 9 ft. wide it occupied the greater part of the wall at the back part of the platform. Mr. Kirkham, in proceeding to unravel the hieroglyphic mysteries, gave a humorous description of the arrangement for lighting the picture, which consisted of five lamps with duplex burners, fitted into a frame with powerful reflectors, and called by its inventor a quintuple dual illuminator.

The utmost order prevailed during the address, and the lecturer’s utterances were listened to with great attention, and frequent applause gave evidence of appreciation. Songs and solos varied the proceedings, and at a certain point in the lecture a collection was taken for the funds of the Open-Air Mission. Cordial votes of thanks to chairman and lecturer were proposed and carried by acclamation, and at the suggestion of Mr. Robert Adcock a cordial invitation was given to Mr. Kirkham to pay another visit to Norwich.

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The picture was originally printed by publishers Messrs. MORGAN AND SCOTT. And entered at Stationers' Hall by Mr Gawin Kirkham.   Mr Gawin Kirkham was Secretary of the Open-Air Mission for a number of years in the later half of the 19th Century, and preached from a 9ft x 12 ft copy of this picture in Open Air meetings, Churches and meetings, the length and breadth of the UK, also visiting the United States, the Continent and the Near East.

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