The Broad and Narrow 3D Journey


Broad and Narrow Way 3D Project

The Broad and Narrow Way picture

3D AND 2D Models are based on the original picture
The Broad and Narrow Way - (I made the 3D models and scene around 2002)

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

To create a real time 3d environment of the original Victorian picture called The Broad and Narrow Way
where viewers can walk or fly through and explore.
It has a powerful message and is a great work of art in it's own right.
This wonderful old picture is fascinating to look at - why not in 3d?

I have been working on this project off and on now for well over a year.
Below I have written some of the challenges involved,

Picture 1
I have a few screen shots from the original picture called the Broad and Narrow Way, the buildings are a major challenge as they are based upon the artists ideas - which look OK in 2d but when you try to convert this into 3d you start to find things that don't look right technically, the Ballroom had a few problems, picture 1 shows only part of it - the unseen part is outside the edge of the picture - I had to calculate what the unseen part of the building looked like - if you look at the balcony in the Ballroom in Picture 1 above, you will notice the musicians playing - in the original picture the windows would be the only means of getting onto the balcony....in real life I think the windows would have been the length of a door with panes of glass. If you look at the pictures above of the screenshots 1 and 2 you will see the Ballroom and adjustments to those windows...also I added an extra musician for the unseen area to give the scene balance. also the slope on the Ballroom roof was slightly different on the unseen side...so again I had to make adjustments to make it work on the 3d model.

Picture 2

Another technical challenge and this is really difficult, Picture 2 shows a building with the single window which appears to be part of a wall in front - but look where the lady is standing? and also in relation to the gentleman approaching her? it would appear she is standing in mid air or on top of the wall...it breaks some rules of perspective I think. it's a tough problem to solve but I think there could be a workround.

Picture 3

In picture 3 above look at the perspective in relation to the gentleman standing outside the tent on the right...now look over to the left at the people walking away? it would seem they have shrunk in height, which breaks the rules of perspective...it presents another problem...but I think I can fixed easily in the 3d software.

Picture 4

The unseen parts of the picture is a challenge an example is in picture 4 above, part of the building is obscured by the tree, also there are 3 sides unseen, which means I will have to be imaginative but try to be as faithful as possible to the style of the original picture.

It is a fun project...certainly a steep learning curve.

© Peter N Millward - 3D JOURNEY ALONG