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In Darkest England and the Way Out

(Private Collection – © Peter N Millward)

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An 1890 Salvation Army Chromolithograph print. A book of the same name was written by General Booth. The title "In Darkest England" was chosen after General Booth heard about the travels of Stanley in darkest Africa. General Booth was not just concerned for the salvation of the lost – but had a robust vision to help the poor and fought for social justice. The Salvation Army was in the vanguard bringing practical help as well as spiritual to the poor and disadvantaged. The poster conveys the vision General Booth had, in part based on an earlier vision called – The Vision of the Lost.


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Key to the Chart

The Chart is intended to give a birdseye-view of the Scheme described in this book, and the results expected from its realisation. The figures on the pillars represent the appalling extent of the misery and ruin existing in Great Britain, as given in Government and other returns. In the raging Sea, surrounding the Salvation Lighthouse, are to be seen the victims of vice and poverty who are sinking to ruin, but whom the Officers appointed to carry out the Scheme are struggling to save.

On the Left, a procession of the rescued may be seen on their way to the various REFUGES, WORKSHOPS, and other Establishments for Industrial Labour in the CITY COLONY, many of which are already in existence. From the CITY COLONY in the centre, another procession can be seen, of those who, having proved themselves worthy of further assistance, are on their way to the FARM COLONY, which, with its Villages, Co-operative Farms, Mills, and Factories, is created far away from the neighbourhood of the public-house.

From the FARM COLONY can be seen Steamers hurrying across the seas, crowded with Emigrants of all sorts, proceeding either to the existing Colonies of the British and other Empires, or to the COLONY OVER THE SEA, yet to be established; whilst the sturdy baker on the left and the laundress on the right suggest, on the one hand plenty of work, and on the other, abundance of food. The more the Chart is examined the more will be seen of the great blessings the Scheme is intended to convey, and the horrible destruction hourly going on amongst at least Three Millions of our fellow creatures, which we are anxious to bring to an end. And the more the Scheme contained in this book is studied and assisted, the more will the beautiful prospect held out on the Chart be likely to be brought into reality.

The Salvation Army, Litho., 98 & 100, Clerkenwell Road, E.C.

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In Darkest England and the Way Out - Detail

(Republished and Digital Image Restoration – © Peter N Millward)

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