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 Top  Antique Print Collection: The Gospel Compass - For Sailors of All Nations

The Broad and the Narrow - 1883 English Edition

The Gospel Compass - For Sailors of all Nations

Designed by W.C.M. circa 1880s The designer – W.C.M.

(Republished from private Collection – © Peter N Millward)

Surprisingly, not a great deal of information available about the picture - But is likely it was designed for the Special Mission to Deep-Sea Fishermen, founded in 1881 by E.J. (Ebenezer Joseph) Mather. The organization later became The Fishermen's Mission.  

It is a wonderfully thought provoking maritime picture, one could spend hours studying - Featuring a compass rose at the centre, and signal flags conveying Bible message and scriptures. The large compass has Bible texts placed on all the points and surrounded by texts expressed in signal code, with nautical themed sketches and Bible verses.  Below is a photo of one of the short keys on the left at the foot of the picture explaining the different features.

         A Short Key to the Text    


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