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 Top  Antique Print Collection: The Broad and the Narrow Way - 1883 English Edition

The Broad and the Narrow - 1883 English Edition

Charles Montague Lithograapher, 1883 English Edition. Morgan and Scott.
(Private Collection - Peter N Millward)

Text below picture:

“This Picture is of German origin. It was designed by Mrs. Charlotte Reihlen, of Stuttgart, in 1862; and, at her request, was painted by Herr SCHACHER, a young Artist, also of Stuttgart. A Dutch Edition was produced in Holland in 1866. One of these Dutch copies was brought from Amsterdam in 1868 by Mr.GAWIN KIRKHAM. from an enlarged copy of which he has lectured nearly a thousand times. This English Edition was issued in 1883. The “History and Explanation of the Picture,” with Portraits of Mrs.REIHLEN and Mr KIRKHAM, may also be had of the Publishers.”

Mr Gawin Kirkham was Secretary of the Open-Air Mission for a number of years in the later half of the 19th Century, and preached from a 9ft x 12 ft copy of this picture in Open Air meetings, Churches and meetings, the length and breadth of the UK, also visiting the United States, and the Continent.

The picture was originally printed 1883 and issued by Mr Gawin Kirkham. And is now republished from a private collection © Peter N Millward.

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The Broad and Narrow Way
The Broad and the Narrow Way

Find out how 19th century Preacher Gawin Kirkham came to
use the Broad and the Narrow Way picture in Victorian Britain.

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