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Deep Sea Altar Call
It is sobering to think God created the shark - but ever wondered why he should create such a creature? Chuck Cox's testimony gives us some eloquent answers, the picture and message you see here was inspired through hearing his story, the text below is included on the card:

Welcome to the lunch time service here in the waters off the Bahamas its a beautiful day, the Reverend Shark waits patiently for visitors to drop by he’s not known for long speeches or for pussyfooting around, he gets straight to the point......Lunch!       he’s twice your size and looking straight at you, he glides past with sullen face, and jaws gaping reveal his sermon notes - rows of serrated teeth! ... athiest? evolutionist or just plain unbeliever?    It doesn't matter, you are all welcome to scoff and heckle here.......but be warned within seconds your arguments and philosophies will be torn to shreds as the Reverend    Shark gets down to business- Get Real............who is it that's going to save you from death!!!!? Diving in the Bahama’s Chuck Cox would have said he didn't believe in God, he certainly was not convinced by preachers ....but faced with this awful predator it forced him to evaluate his beliefs, it was a moment of truth and out of the pit of his stomach he cried out to the only one who could
save him from death - God the Creator...............God answered his prayer, and Chuck Cox survived the encounter with the Shark but his unbelief was shattered,    many times in the days ahead he would puzzle about this and marvel that he had actually called out to God.... but another piece of the puzzle was to fall into place when Chuck found a Bible that had been thrown away, he started to read it, the pieces of the puzzle were now coming together, and eventualy after meeting and talking to Dr. David Clifford the founder of Moorlands Bible Collage in England, Chuck surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ - the puzzle was complete.............Chuck remembers the encounter with the shark well,it was a defining moment forced him out of unbelief and into reality -    getting real about God.    Unbelievers may scorn and ridicule the street evangelist, but when an unbeliever faces a shark its a different matter, and many who refuse to obey the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ preached    by conventional
means,need an encounter    that    will    shatter    their    unbelief, put them in touch with reality and...............................Get Real!

Deep Sea Altar Call - A4 Size
Deep Sea Altar Call - A4 Size

Deep Sea Altar Call - A3 Size

Deep Sea Altar Call - Card 6' x 8' inches
      Card is left blank inside for your own personal message


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