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What am I really Worth? 

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This picture was produced for the Christian Motorcyclists Association outreach at the Isle of Man TT Races in 1994, it took me one and a half weeks before the event to work and pray about ideas and to sketch it out. during that time I would listen to worship tapes one of which was called "Touching the Father's heart" and I was listening to a track called "Hear our Cry" by Kevin Prosch - as I was sketching the the picture it was as if the song was being sung for Biker's...the power of the words overwhelmed me as I began to realise what God was saying, it was dawning upon me looking at the images and faces of the Biker's how God truly sees them. Through my tears I could see them more clearly and recognise the value God has placed upon each precious soul. I changed what I had written in the picture replacing it with words from Psalm 102 which is what the song is based on - I painted the picture as a prayer for those whom we were to take the Gospel to.