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Path of Pain
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Path of Pain  - A4 Size
Path of Pain - A4 Size
Through listening to the testimony of Ruth, a Jewish lady who is a christian I believe the Lord called me to paint a picture about the Holocaust. Its a subject which I believe the Lord would have us all take time to consider and remember those who perished, and also how we can be a blessing to the Jewish people alive today, Isaiah 40:1-2 says "Comfort, comfort my people,says your God. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem,and proclaim to her that her hard service has been completed......When Ruth spoke in church I didnt know about Ruths past until that night, it was very moving to hear her story unfold how she managed to Escape the persecution in Germany, and find refuge in England, unfortunatly Ruths parents were unable to escape, and perished during the holocaust.
A few years ago Ruth went to Auschwitz with a group of christians, and laid flowers at the crematorium in memory of her parents. During her time of sharing with us, Ruth showed us nails used in Auschwitz to lay the railway track which transported so many Jews to their deaths, these were not the usual kind of nails, these were brutal ugly nails, it spoke powerfully to me, they
seemed to be the kind of nails that spiked Jesus on the Cross, it was then the idea came to paint a picture,after the meeting Ruth said to me that I ought to paint a picture about the Holocaust, which confirmed that I should paint this. The original picture is now in Germany.
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Path of Pain - A3 Size
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Path of Pain - Cards
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A Biblical understanding of God's heart for Israel and the Jewish people - 20 page  Booklet
A Biblical understanding of God's heart for Israel and the Jewish people - 20 page Booklet
Many times our hearts feel small when we see the vastness of a subject which spans history itself, this project is no exception we could easily spend many more weeks, months even years sifting through material for undertaking the subject of a Biblical understanding of Gods heart for Israel and the Jewish people.
This 20 page Illustrated booklet is a humble attempt of just a few months on the School of Jewish Studies - In the future Peter hopes to work more and expand on the themes of this project and develope it for presentations in Schools and Churches.
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A4 - 11"1/2 x 8"1/2 inches
Cards - 6" x 4" inches

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