The Broad and Narrow Road - 1855
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 Top: The Broad and Narrow Road - North American Edition 1855
The Broad and Narrow Road - North American Edition 1855
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Also known as – ‘A Miniature of the World in the 19th Century – In 1822 John Warner Barber dramatically illustrated the choice of two ways in life when only 18 years of age.   Eventually a copy of the picture was taken with American missionaries and used as a visual aid, and was said to have been the principal means of converting the Queen The Broad and Narrow Roadof the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) to Christianity. It has also been assured the picture has been a means under God of turning several from the wicked course to the path of Eternal Life. John Warner Barber (February 2, 1798 – June 1885) became an engraver and historian whose books of state, national, and local history were filled with his vivid illustrations. The Connecticut engraver was a committed Christian – His work was very popular among Bible believing Christians and was reproduced throughout many Christian books – profusely illustrated to disciple and educate Bible principles and Gospel message. It could be said Barber’s work was instrumental in moulding the worldview of a generation during his lifetime and beyond, influencing and helping to define beliefs and principles which help nations become great. The history of the United States would be very different if it were not for individuals like J W Barber fulfilling their destiny and calling in Christ, living out fruitful and godly lives for their Saviour.

The Preacher along the Broad and Narrow RoadLater versions of Barber’s picture during his lifetime had minor changes, but later editions were coloured – This particular example available is entitled The Broad and Narrow Road printed 1855. And the scripture text “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Matthew 7:13-14 In the picture the upper right, a righteous few travel the straight road that leads to eternal Life and the heavenly “New Jerusalem” Others ignore the preachers warnings and continue carelessly walking along he Broad Road to destruction. While others succumb to entrapment’s, snares and sin along the way. Some run after apostasy and heresy, some careless sinners are enticed into sin. While some are lovers of money and occupy a ragged precipice over the fires of Hell.

Broad Road to destruction

The Gospel Light on the Broad and Narrow Road

The Broad and Narrow Road - North American Edition 1855
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